Please view the videos below (depending on your operating system) to walk through the whole process of purchasing downloads on, including transferring your downloaded music into iTunes. We have also provided a step-by-step guide with imagery below the videos:

Windows PC


The below instructions detail how to successfully transfer downloaded music from to iTunes. Prior to the steps below, you’ll need to purchase the music downloads and open the appropriate download zip file on your computer. As the music files are in a zip format, they firstly need to be extracted from the zip file and placed in another folder, as iTunes will not allow zip uploads. Once this has been done, continue with the steps below. Please view the videos above if you need help to complete these steps.

Step 1

Log into your registered iTunes account.

Step 2

From the tool bar, click on Playlists.

Screenshot of iTunes playlists

Step 3

In the top left-hand corner, click on the dropdown tab and select New > New Playlist.

Screenshot of iTunes and how to create new playlist

Step 4

A new playlist will appear; from here, you can rename the playlist as per the album name (e.g., Greatest Dance Hits 2014).

Screenshot of iTunes and how to rename playlists

Step 5

You can now add music to the Greatest Dance Hits 2014 playlist by clicking on Add To in the top right-hand corner.

Screenshot of iTunes and how to add music to a playlist

Step 6

The option to drag songs into the playlist will appear.

Screenshot of iTunes and how to drag music to playlist

Step 7

Drag files from the folder into the playlist. All selected files will then start transferring over to the playlist. You may find it easier to open the folder and iTunes side by side.

Screenshot of iTunes and how to drag music to playlist

Step 8

All transferred mp3 files will now be displayed within the Greatest Dance Hits 2014 playlist.

Screenshot of iTunes and playlist that now contains music

From here, you can transfer the music to your apple devices as you normally would.

If you are having any difficulties in transferring your music, please contact to discuss the issues you are having with our support team.