Ibiza Dance Mix 2017
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TOP 20 Aerobics Hits 2
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Best of US Radio Mix
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Group Ride


Summer Dance Beats
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US Dance Mix 1
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Group Power


70s - 80s Disco Hits - Part 2
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90s Forever 04
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Comparable effects of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and moderate intensity continuous training (MICT) on abdominal visceral fat reduction in obese young women
Dr Paul Batman | 06/03/2018

Dr Paul Batman reviews the research surrounding high-intensity interval training vs continuous exercise in relation to visceral fat reduction. Introduction Since the 1980s, there has been a dramatic rise in worldwide obesity levels.... read more

Emily Bunton from EMD UK
Emily Bunton | 20/02/2018

Emily Bunton from EMD UK, the national governing body for group exercise, discusses how instructors can help to make a difference to the nation’s mental health.  With the days getting shorter, darker and colder, sometimes we can end up in a place where we don’t... read more

Why are we so mean to each other?
Ally Foreman | 16/01/2018

Yesterday, I taught on a MOSSA launch day for the January releases. I delivered three programmes and a great time was had by all. Yesterday evening, I happened to see a post that MOSSA UK had shared on Facebook from the club who did the launch of a Group Power clip. So far, so normal! Then I happened to see that, in the comments, someone... read more

The 90s meets 2018
Helen Carpenter-Waters | 19/12/2017

One of the wonderful things about being a freestyle choreographer, presenter and independent instructor is that I have the opportunity to experience and be influenced by so many different musical and choreographic trends, most of which go full circle and come back again. Of course, I could revisit them exactly as they were (the first or even... read more

Dr Paul Batman shares two pieces of research surrounding sedentary behaviour in older adults.
Dr Paul Batman | 05/12/2017

Fitpro welcomes Dr Paul Batman to the editorial team.   Dr Batman originally contributed to our PT Network magazine in the 1990s. You can look forward to reading two pieces of research in each issue of the magazine.   Title:... read more

FitPro delivers successful Gray Institute workshop 25.09.2017
Gary Gray | 24/10/2017

FitPro delivers successful Gray Institute workshop 25.09.2017   In September, FitPro and ViPR™ hosted the Chain Reaction® read more

Training provider insight: HFE
Lee Cain | 10/10/2017

What style of training courses are proving most popular? We spoke to the managing director of training provider Health and Fitness Education (HFE) to find out what he thinks the current demand is. FitPro: How do you ensure that instructors transitioning from pre-choreography to freestyle teaching have the right skills in order for... read more

The post-truth fitness industry?
Tony Lycholat | 27/09/2017

In 2016, the Oxford English Dictionary’s (OED) word of the year was ‘post-truth’. If you cast your mind back several months, you’ll perhaps remember seeing it frequently, usually in newspaper articles about Donald Trump or Brexit.    The OED defines... read more

Why are we not talking to our participants?
Holly Lynch | 12/09/2017

Showcasing vs coaching in group exercise classes. “How come you use your microphone in some classes but not in others, Holly?” I was asked this question last week after instructing one of my many group exercise sessions. “Some programmes are designed to be music led whereas others are... read more

Walking: the best exercise of all?
Joanna Hall | 29/08/2017

Walking can be used either as part of an active lifestyle, or to help almost anyone achieve their fitness goals. Here, Fitpro investigates how and why it could be time to incorporate walking into your fitness regime.   If you wanted to find one thoroughly researched... read more