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Bikram yoga
Tony Lycholat
23/09/2015 What is it? Bikram yoga is well defined on the UK website ( Here, a Bikram yoga class is described as “a 26 posture classical Hatha yoga series. Every posture is performed in the given order, to the best of one’s ability. Students of all levels practise together. One learns to work as deeply as one’s flexibility allows.” Significantly, ‘The Bikram Method’ takes place in a heated room (105˚F/40˚C and at around 40% humidity). It is claimed that this is in order to “ease muscles and joints, prevent injury and aid the healing of existing injuries, as well as promoting detoxification through sweating.” Classes are 90 minutes long.
Let food be thy medicine: nutrition for inflammation
Krista Scott-Dixon | 05/06/2018

Taking a cue from the Ancient Greek physician Hippocrates, Krista Scott-Dixon takes a look at how nutrition can be used to help clients dealing with injury and inflammation.

Soft skills
Gillian Reeves | 05/04/2018

Gillian Reeves from EMD UK, the national governing body for group exercise, shares some top tips on key soft skills for instructors.

Cutting through the confusion
Linia Patel | 22/03/2018

Fat is bad. No, fat is good. Actually… some fats are better than others. It’s confusing, isn't it? What are we really meant to believe? What does the evidence say and what does this look like on our plate? Linia Patel explores.

Sleep for performance
Ian Dunican | 09/11/2017
Ian Dunican, University of Western Australia and Sleep4Performance, looks at the basics of sleep and its role in recovery and performance. Not all sleep is equal There are two phases of sleep – rapid eye movement (REM) and non-REM. Non-REM sleep is important...
Women need iron (the non-dietary variety!)
Mike Climstein | 05/10/2017
One thing that I like about seeing patients with a wide variety of chronic diseases or disorders is that it never gets boring. You may see 1,000 individuals with (for example) osteoporosis each year, yet every one of them is different. Students always ask ‘do you...
Did you hear me?
Dan Duran | 11/08/2017
That’s right, you heard me (or maybe not). Has anyone ever accused you of this? I venture to say yes, as I certainly have and, in fact, I still get told that. In a trainer/client relationship, it’s been my experience that this is not intentional. Often,...
The evolution of the fitness professional during an era of rapid technological change
Bryan O’Rourke | 07/07/2017
Business as usual in the fitness industry is no longer good enough; in fact, business
as usual is dead. In a world where choice is expanding and business models are being re-engineered, there is only one place left to innovate, and that place is with you as a professional....
The Fitness Word
Tony Lycholat | 12/04/2017
After reading some quite bizarre nutritional claims on a gym noticeboard recently, I found myself smiling and wondering where I’d put the T-shirt I bought from Ben Goldacre’s website. It has a picture of a duck on it, underneath which appears...
The group X factor
Jayne Nicholls | 09/03/2017
She says: “If people demand you teach the ‘next new thing’, they’re not buying into you.” Since the launch of Les Mills (LM), I have heard this phrase so many times: “I have to teach it/the clubs only want LM/the members only want...
Myths and truths about pregnancy nutrition
Linia Patel | 03/02/2017
Pregnant women are bombarded with advice on what to eat and what to avoid. As Linia Patel reports, very often this advice gets lost in not just the plethora of information available, but poorly reported science and plentiful old wives’ tales.


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