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You will need Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari installed to access all sections of MyGroupFit and complete purchases from the site.

In order to ensure the site is optimized for use with the most current versions of supported web browsers, we do make periodic changes that may result in the need for our users to update their software. Updates can be installed for free from the following:


MyGroupFit requires users to have a Flash or HTML player installed to their computer to play media clips, streaming content and music and video samples. The site specifically uses Flow Player to stream videos and quick clips and Flash MP3 for music samples. If you encounter difficulty playing any of these files please ensure you have the most current version of Flash player installed to your computer. To install or upgrade go to: Get Adobe Flash Player.

Users who access or plan to access MyGroupFit from an employer-owned and/or networked computer may encounter difficulties downloading and upgrading software on their computer. In many cases this is due to network security settings. Please contact your network administrator if you receive a prompt for an administrator password or receive an error message regarding security privileges while installing software to your computer.


Any music that you have purchased for download can be found by accessing My Downloads from My Account. You will have 1 year from the time of purchase to download the file(s) to the device of your preference. After 1 year, the download(s) will expire regardless of whether you have downloaded the file(s). During this one year time frame, you may download the album a total of three times. Please note that some computers will automatically download files to a Download folder on the desk top while others will allow the user to select a download destination. Please watch for prompts during download to ensure you’re able to locate your music or quick clip file once download is complete. No refunds will be given once an album has been downloaded.

Before 2015, MyGroupFit music was designed for continuous play, and therefore your download will appear as a single track on your device.

Any MyGroupFit music released in 2015 and beyond will now download as a ZIP file, containing all the tracks of the album as individual MP3 files.

MyGroupFit music must first be downloaded to a desktop or laptop computer before being transferred to your mobile/tablet device. Please view our guide on how to transfer your MyGroupFit music to your device using iTunes.

If you have any questions about how to download your files please contact us at

Technical Support

We commonly find that technical problems are caused by browser and/or computer settings that have been altered or internet security software that has not been configured to trust our site.

Configuring Zone Alarm and other Security Software

Please set any internet security software to trust the domain. Note that you should allow all addresses in addition to allowing Restoring the default browser settings and clearing cached content that your computer has stored on its hard disk usually solves most problems people have with the site.

Please follow the steps below to restore default browser settings and/or clear cached content:

Inernet Explorer

1. Choose ‘Internet Options’ from the Internet Explorer 'Tools' Menu

Technical Support - Reset IE

2. Click the 'Delete...' button in the 'Briwsing history' section to view the "Delete Brising History" dialog. settings.

Technical Support - Reset Safari

3.Click 'Delete cookies' button on to clear the cookies.

Technical Support - Empty Cache Safari


1. Choose ‘Clear Recent History’ from the ‘Tools’ Menu

Technical Support - Reset Firefox

2. Select 'Cache' option from the check boxes and click the 'Clear Now' button to clear the cache settings.

Technical Support - Reset Firefox


1. Choose ‘Reset Safari’ from the ‘Safari’ Menu

Technical Support - Reset Safari

2. Click the RESET button to reset Safari's default settings.

Technical Support - Reset Safari

3.The next step is to clear your browser's cache. To do this, choose Empty Cache from the Safari menu

Technical Support - Empty Cache Safari

4. Click on Empty

Technical Support - Empty Cache Confirm Safari


1. Choose ‘Options’ from the ‘Tools’ Menu

Technical Support - Reset Chrome

2. Click the 'Clear browsing data' button to open the 'Clear Browsing Data' dialog settings.

Technical Support - Reset Chrome

3.Select 'Empty the cache' and 'Delete cookies and other site data' options and click 'Clear browsing data' button

Technical Support - Reset Chrome

You should now return to the area of the site in which you were experiencing difficulty. If you are still having problems after performing all of the steps above please click here.