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Jennifer Galardi | Comments (0) | 9/23/2013 | View Conversation »

Patents and Protections?

I recently came across a blog posting from one of my favorite yoga publications, Yoga International, regarding a violation of a patent on a format for video content. If this were the case in fitness, I'd have been sued (as many instructors who film DVDs would have been) a long time ago. When is enough enough in the yoga and fitness communities? Where do we draw the line in protecting an idea? Is this attempt completely contradictory to the philosophies and teachings in the tradition of yoga? To read the article, cut and paste this link into your browser now:

Ilyse Baker | Comments (0) | 8/20/2013 | View Conversation »

"Two Left Feet"

How many times do you have members watch your dance classes from the doorway wanting to be in the front row the very next week however are too intimidated?  They say to you, "I have two left feet!"  How do you encourage them to think differently?

Courtney Collado | Comments (0) | 7/12/2013 | View Conversation »

How to find AMAZING instructors

Hi MGF! I've just started a job as a Group Ex coordinator and I want to recruit the best instructors our city has to offer. As a group ex instructor, what would attract you to a new facility to teach classes?

Sarah Fuhrmann | Comments (4) | 9/17/2012 | View Conversation »

Indoor Rowing

Anybody out there teaching indoor rowing? Got a favorite workout or song you like to row to?  Let's build a collection! 

Here's an interval workout I really like:

10-minute warmup

Set your monitor for Intervals>Time with Unlimited Rest and program in intervals of 5, 5, 4, 4, 3, 2, 1 minutes of work

After each rowing piece get off the erg and do:
10 push-ups
10 squats
10 sit-ups
10 dips off the monorail

Sprint the last minute interval and immediately do a s-l-o-w cooldown paddle of 3-5 mins (no floor work after).


Rachel Tonick | Comments (1) | 5/3/2012 | View Conversation »

"Reserved Spots"

What are some good ways of handling members that are aggressive with their "spot" in the classroom?

Rachel Tonick | Comments (6) | 5/3/2012 | View Conversation »


Students always ask me what the best type of footwear is for inside the group ex room.  What are some recommendations on shoes for 1. strength training 2. kickboxing 3. basic cross trainer?

Gabriel Hidalgo | Comments (1) | 5/3/2012 | View Conversation »

Boot camp various sugestions/recomendations...?

Boot Camp classes are known for being very dynamic with fast transitions, fun, intensity wise moderate to hard(H.I.I.T), and/or for people with an intermediate to advance level of fitness. would you give me ideas on a beginners boot camp class structure, that could maintain,at their level, the dynamic, fun,speed and purpose of this kind of class? ideas more or less like, type of exercises, interval length, total number of exercises,etc. Thank you

Gina Sena | Comments (1) | 1/10/2012 | View Conversation »

HELP! Weights for Women class

HELP!   I am fairly new to the teaching side of the fitness industry and have just begun about 6 months ago to teach a "Weights for Women" class for 50+ and am at my wits end trying to come up with fun, exciting yet easy classes that my ladies can all do.  Thanks to all for any suggestions!

Peter Young | Comments (3) | 10/5/2011 | View Conversation »

Kickboxing and Pregnancy

I have some participants in my kickboxing class whom have recently fallen pregnant. They would like to continue joining the class, I would like to hear some other teacher's thoughts on safety and how long they can actually continue for?

Jane Yarrow | Comments (6) | 10/5/2011 | View Conversation »

Music Suggestions for Indoor Cycling

A question to other indoor cycling instructors, do you take music suggestions from your participants? Or is it better not to open this subject up to them and go with what you think will work best?



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