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Bridging Pilates and Group Fitness
Jodi Sussner | 11/27/2013 | Business Development
Pilates - Where's the Science?
Fitness Professionals | 3/31/2011

Pilates is one of the most fashionable fitness classes, but the quality of the research underpinning the approach is weak. Tony FitPro investigates.

Challenge Participants with Standing Pilates
Zosha Piotrowski | 1/11/2011

Add standing exercises at the beginning and end of your Pilates class to challenge concentration and control through stability and/or mobility.

Principles of Pilates and the Supine Neutral Position
Claire Worman | 12/28/2010

Learn the basic principles of Pilates and the supine neutral position.

Pilates Practice: The Oyster
Belinda Buttery | 12/28/2010

Learn the positions and purpose behind the Oyster, a challenging Pilates move that improves core endurance and stabilization.

Pilates Practice: The Modified 100
Belinda Buttery | 12/28/2010

Learn the basic positions of the Modified 100.

Pilates Practice: Swan Dive and the Side Bend
Belinda Buttery | 12/28/2010

Add the Swan Dive and Side Bend exercises to your Pilates classes.

Pilates Practice: Rolling Back and the Modified Double Leg Stretch
Belinda Buttery | 12/28/2010

Try these challenging moves in your Pilates classes to improve your clients' core endurance and mobility.

The Physiology of Balance
Lynsay Rankin | 12/18/2010

Any upset which affects our body system can have a negative effect on balance movement. Find out how to counteract those effects on your training clients.

School-Time Fitness: Pilates for Kids
Rachel Holmes | 12/15/2010

Many fitness instructors are now teaching group exercise in schools and getting involved in local fitness initiatives. Rachel Holmes outlines a Pilates program plan used for 4-6 year olds.