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All the Right Moves: Introducing Better Form in Group X Classes
Fitness Professionals | 1/9/2012

FitPro guides you through six common conditioning moves that can fall prey to incorrect technique, and introduces some general recommendations for better form.

Group Training Dos and Don’ts
Sherri McMillan | 7/1/2005

Group training sounds smart on paper, but how do you really make it work – for you and your participants?

Heart Rate Monitoring for Group Exercise Classes
Paul Robbins | 2/1/2002 | Exercise Science

Following Paul Robbins' cardiovascular programming series, this piece explores the challenges of achieving long-term RESULTS in a group training environment, and gives us some clear scientific guidelines for designing classes to break through client plateaus!

Designing Effective Circuits
Dr. Rob Orr | 8/15/2000

Rob Orr breaks down goal-based circuit training, so you can give your participants a great workout, regardless of their training goals.

Designing and Teaching Effective Interval Formats
Jodi Sussner | 5/21/2013 | Exercise Science
Aerobic Interval Training
Mike Heatlie | 2/7/2012 | Exercise Science

Aerobic interval training is less commonly discussed than high-intensity training but each can empower a group exercise class, says Mike Heatlie.

Circuit Training Variations - Part 2
Dr. Rob Orr | 4/1/2004

Catch your breath and dig into the next round of awesome circuit variations with Rob Orr!

Circuit Training Variations - Part 1
Dr. Rob Orr | 12/18/2003

Super stimulate the mind and body with Rob Orr’s 15 circuit training workout variations!

The Truth About Tabata
Christian Finn | 6/23/2011

Intervals have become popular once again, with many health and fitness professionals claiming to incorporate a form of interval training known as the Tabata protocol–involving "all out" sprinting on a stationary bike–in their programs. Christian Finn investigates.

Olympic Gold to Indoor Rowing Challenge
Simon Dickie | 6/1/2011

British Rowing's Simon Dickie outlines safe practice in indoor rowing and the opportunities for group participation.