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Yoga for Cyclists
Fitness Professionals | 9/5/2011

Indoor cycling benefits cardio fitness and builds leg muscle, however, extensive class teaching or attendance can leave the back muscles deconditioned. FitPro looks at the principles of preventative programming with Rebecca Bogue’s Yoga for cyclists course.

Heart Rate Monitoring for Group Exercise Classes
Paul Robbins | 2/1/2002 | Exercise Science

Following Paul Robbins' cardiovascular programming series, this piece explores the challenges of achieving long-term RESULTS in a group training environment, and gives us some clear scientific guidelines for designing classes to break through client plateaus!

Take the Ride Back Inside
Fitness Professionals | 11/28/2011

FitPro explains how revisiting some of the basics of cycling in your indoor cycling classes can take your classes to the next level and help them stand out from the rest.

The Truth About Tabata
Christian Finn | 6/23/2011

Intervals have become popular once again, with many health and fitness professionals claiming to incorporate a form of interval training known as the Tabata protocol–involving "all out" sprinting on a stationary bike–in their programs. Christian Finn investigates.

Indoor Cycling Choreography: Plan to Perfection!
Effe Diamond | 1/31/2011 | Choreography

Don't leave the success of your indoor cycling classes to chance...carefully planning your choreography, music and cues will keep your spin participants happy and coming back for more!

Indoor Cycling Choreography - Specific Focus
Claire Norgate | 1/15/2011 | Choreography

Don't let your spin class lose its focus...stay on track with these tips from indoor cycling expert Claire Norgate.

Indoor Cycling Choreography - Movement Over Music
Matty Clarke | 12/31/2010 | Choreography

Learn how to layer indoor cycling choreography patterns over music to create amazing group energy for your spin classes.

Fatigue and Recovery in Aerobic Exercise
Paul Batman | 12/29/2010 | Exercise Science

What really causes fatigue? Learn the basics of fatigue and helpful recovery techniques from fitness expert Paul Batman.

Heart Rate Monitoring Basics
Fitness Professionals | 12/28/2010 | Exercise Science

Need the basics on heart rate monitoring? Learn about pacing exercise and determining your optimal heart rate in this great Fitpro article.

Mixed Interval Training on the Bike
Rachel Kalwy | 12/16/2010

By incorporating the scientifically-based approach of mixed interval training into your indoor cycle classes, you can keep your sessions innovative enough to ensure participants’ long term adherence.