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Teaching Choreography
Dean Hodgkin | 2/14/2012 | Choreography
A good group X instructor needs to tailor the choreography to make sure that moves are tailored to suit the audience. Dean Hodgkin helps you deliver results.
Assessing the Exercise Intensity of Your Exercise to Music Classes
Helen Carpenter-Waters | 12/20/2011 | Exercise Science

Do you and your clients know how hard they are working in your cardio classes? Helen Carpenter-Waters examines whether they are progressing or simply doing the same moves and getting nowhere.

The Dance-Off Workout
Nikkie Riozzi | 10/25/2011 | Choreography

Inject some fun into your dance classes by giving your class an opportunity to take center stage. Nikkie Riozzi gets her freak on and introduces you to how to choreograph a performance class.

The Divide Between the Mind-Body and Dance Scenes
Robert Steinbacher | 9/2/2011
Robert Steinbacher explores the separation between pre-choreography and free choreography movement in group fitness.
Is Your Choreography Hitting the Mark?
Lincoln Bryden | 7/11/2011 | Choreography

Freestyle choreography has changed immensely in 20 years but one thing has remained constant: people come to class to work out, get fit and lose weight. A well-designed freestyle class can help them achieve that, as Lincoln Bryden explains.

So You're New to Dance?
Jane Chinery | 3/30/2011

With dance popularity through the roof you may have recently added it to your repertoire. Dance and fitness instructor Jane Chinery considers the practicalities.

Think Outside the Box and Dance
Michelle Dean | 12/31/2010

Add dance to your group exercise classes to inject variety and fun for your participants.

Dance and Science – An Intelligent Combination?
Emma Redding | 12/15/2010

Dance science may be new, but it does exist—it looks at ways of making dancers better at dancing. Unlike other sports, however, goals in dance are far more qualitative than other sports, and therefore much less easily measurable.

Myths and Facts About Dance and the Body
Fitness Professionals | 12/15/2010

Many myths exist about dance and its effects on the body. Find out what is fact and what is fiction in this article by Fitpro.

Incorporating Hip-Hop into Group Exercise
Vanessa Vassallo | 12/15/2010

Dance is back, but what if you have no relevant training or background, how are you supposed to teach it? Simple! You are a master of movement already; do your homework, alter your style slightly, evolve your movements and—presto!—you have a new ingredient to spice up your classes.