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Being the Best
Max Bower | 12/1/2008 | Professional/Self Development

Personal development, in its broadest sense, is often overlooked in the fitness industry in favor of more tangible and immediate professional development.

Becoming a Local Expert in Fitness
Lincoln Bryden | 12/6/2010 | Professional/Self Development

International fitness expert Lincoln Bryden reveals how to become a "local celebrity" trainer to drive your fitness business.

Training the Lapsed Exerciser
Fitness Professionals | 12/6/2010

If you have a clients or class participants who used to be a regular exercisers, but hasn’t exercised “for a while,” are they still fit? This article looks at the research and the effects of “detraining.”

Get Out of the Rut and Into the Groove
Misty Tripoli | 11/30/2010 | Professional/Self Development

If you find yourself not enjoying teaching your classes anymore, you might just need to find your groove and incorporate it into your classes. Misty Tripoli tells you how.

Stressproof Your Life
Ben Renshaw | 11/30/2010 | Professional/Self Development

Author Ben Renshaw helps you recognize and alleviate stress for both you and your training clients.

Harness the Power of Words in Group Ex
Paul Peroy | 11/29/2010 | Professional/Self Development

Words are powerful. They can instantly create happiness or sadness or inspire people to change their lives. When used effectively, we can ensure that our words achieve our desired effect in the group exercise studio.

Making your iPod work harder in class
John Penhallow | 10/4/2010 | Music

If you use an iPod to provide music for your classes, follow John Penhallow's 3 simple rules to get the most out of your equipment.

Don't Go Deaf Teaching Group Exercise!
John Penhallow | 10/4/2010 | Professional/Self Development

Keep your hearing intact, despite years of group exercise instruction, with these pointers from John Penhallow.

Improving your Professional Status
Lincoln Bryden | 10/4/2010 | Professional/Self Development

Having increased his aerobics class from six to over 120 people, and his step class from four to 80, international presenter Lincoln Bryden reveals how he successfully increased class members.

Hydration's Impact on Fitness: Q & A
John Brewer | 8/12/2010 | Nutrition

John Brewer answers questions on the effects of caffeine on exercise, tips for multiple class goers and the difference between sport and exercise drinks.