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Kids on Balance Balls
Lisa Westlake | 1/11/2011

Inject fun and play into your group fitness classes for kids with these easy-to-learn balance ball exercises.

School-Time Fitness: Pilates for Kids
Rachel Holmes | 12/15/2010

Many fitness instructors are now teaching group exercise in schools and getting involved in local fitness initiatives. Rachel Holmes outlines a Pilates program plan used for 4-6 year olds.

Iron Yoga
Fitness Professionals | 12/4/2010

There are various tried and tested full-body workouts, but one of the latest additions has merged weights and yoga to increase strength and flexibility. Check out the details in this article by Fitpro.

What is Yoga, Really?
Simone Hodgkinson | 12/4/2010

Simone Staniforth-Hodgkinson & Alwynne Cartmell discuss the roots and limbs of yoga, and describe some of the different varieties commonly practiced today.

The Evidence Behind Pilates IS There
Glenn Withers | 10/4/2010 | Exercise Science

Glenn Withers, founding director of the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI), dives into the scientific underpinnings of Pilates.

Physical Yoga Program for Healthy Backs
Simone Hodgkinson | 6/1/2010

Don't take your back or the backs of your participants for granted. Check out this yoga program to promote healthy backs from Simone Staniforth-Hodgkinson.

Flexibility Development in Young Athletes
James Wild | 2/6/2008

Discover the main factors that determine flexibility and the development of flexibility during different stages of growth, and identify best practice for developing flexibility in young athletes.

Will Doing Yoga Make Me Fit?
Chrys Kub | 12/15/2007

The focus of this article is on what is usually foremost on the minds of participants who take yoga at their local fitness facility or gym: fitness. Join Chrys Kub as she examines the question of whether doing yoga will promote fitness as well as other types of exercise do.

Fitness After a Stroke
Lynsay Rankin | 5/2/2007

Learn simple exercises that can help clients who have had strokes become stronger and more flexible.

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