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Ally has been working in the Fitness Biz for over 15 years. She runs her own successful Personal Training company, MoveWell Fitness & Wellbeing, specialising in back pain, general rehabilitation, muscle activation and movement dysfunction. Since an accident at school, she has 3 prolapsed discs in her lumbar spine and several hernias on her thoracic spine as well as sliding facet joints. At one point she was told to give up her fitness career by a spinal surgeon as she could barley walk and would be in pain every time she taught a class. Changing the way she trained in the gym, her nutrition and the classes she taught literally saved her and now she is pain free 99% of the time. Switching to the MOSSA programmes made a massive difference to her body and she can teach them without any pain repercussions. She is lucky to still be a passionate group exercise instructor, teaching several of the MOSSA programmes. She is a UK National Trainer for Group Centergy and also teaches the Certification in Personal Training for PTA Global. Ally’s first love was dance and she trained as a ballet and contemporary dancer in Peterborough and then Roehampton University. It was the back injury and a lack of knowing what to do with her life which sent her into fitness, thanks to her mum suggesting she work as a gym instructor till she figured out what career she wanted. 15 years later she is rather glad of that suggestion as she cannot think of a more rewarding industry to be part of.

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