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Yoga for Cyclists
Fitness Professionals | 9/5/2011

Indoor cycling benefits cardio fitness and builds leg muscle, however, extensive class teaching or attendance can leave the back muscles deconditioned. FitPro looks at the principles of preventative programming with Rebecca Bogue’s Yoga for cyclists course.

All the Right Moves: Introducing Better Form in Group X Classes
Fitness Professionals | 1/9/2012

FitPro guides you through six common conditioning moves that can fall prey to incorrect technique, and introduces some general recommendations for better form.

What Do Seniors Want From the Fitness Industry?
Fitness Professionals | 12/3/2010

Why as an industry, are we doing so badly at servicing the largely untapped older client market? It’s simple…too many assumptions and not enough research. Find out more.

Avoiding Aerobics Injuries
Fitness Professionals | 11/25/2010

Get tips on avoiding common injuries associated with attending group aerobics classes.

Participant Handout: Pump it Up With Aerobics
Fitness Professionals | 8/17/2008

Your fitness clients might be getting the results that they want. Aerobics might provide the kick-start they need. Share this handout with members who want to know the benefits of aerobic workouts.

Belly Dancing
Fitness Professionals | 2/11/2008

Thinking about running a belly dancing group exercise class? Here are some basic moves to get you going.

Core Stability: Stabilizing the Confusion
Fitness Professionals | 6/11/2007

Sport and exercise scientists are rushing to catch up and either support or refute the various hyperbolic claims for core training. Let's explore the hype.

Injury Cause and Prevention
Fitness Professionals | 2/14/2007 | Exercise Science

There are a number of ways your group exercise clients can sustain an injury during a session. Find out how you can take the proper precautions to minimize the damage that can occur.

Cut to the Wick
Fitness Professionals | 12/26/2011
Staying comfortable in the studio is crucial to good performance. FitPro takes a peek at sportswear’s secret weapon.
Take the Ride Back Inside
Fitness Professionals | 11/28/2011

FitPro explains how revisiting some of the basics of cycling in your indoor cycling classes can take your classes to the next level and help them stand out from the rest.