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Danielle Linton

If youre reading this blog then thats a good start. Blogs and other forms of social media (such as Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn) have become resources for our clients, for us and for the rest of the world!

I started a blog myself some 18 months ago as it was a good way to communicate with my clients and share information with everyone - not just 'in the moment', but to remain in the webosphere for the foreseeable future. Post class, participants are eager to ask about their injuries, talk about events, and find out which gear they should be wearing. etc. So, my blog is a way to answer all of their questions. Plus, theyre not the only ones seeking the answers. 

Online mediums are also great places to meet people, find new clients, find other work and opportunities!

A Source of Motivation

Many people use social media these days to stay accountable to their goals. They make their goals public by telling the online world. Then its up to us to take note and call them out or send encouragement when they tweet about eating that third doughnut, or not having hit the gym for over a week. Online platforms are also places where people share their successes and document their journies. When youre constantly viewing everyones Nike+ running app statistics it can trigger the reminder (and motivation) that you really should go out on a run! 

You can also build a community on Twitter (or anywhere online, really) of people who share your professional and personal goals and become a part of other communities where people call upon you for advice, motivation and inspiration.

Teaching Inspiration

I follow a whole host of businesses, individuals, brands, etc. on Twitter. I also follow Fitness Professionals from around the world - from people who are known in the field, people I've trained with and those who are considering starting a career in the industry. All of these provide inspiration and a wealth of knowledge for me because I follow their sharing of interesting tips, new exercises and the latest news on Twitter! Its a great way to stay in-the-know and up-to-date. I also use Pinterest for this purpose - if I come across a useful article that I would love to refer to later, I pin it so everything is in one place and I can easily find it when the time comes. 


Sharing your bio (highlighting your expertise) on social media is also a way to stay connected, get discovered and shout out about your skills. Linking your social media to your LinkedIn profile is one good way - you have a LinkedIn profile right?! LinkedIn is like an online resume/CV where people can search for skills and contact you for jobs and opportunities suited to you.

I came across one of my teaching jobs via Twitter. The studio tweeted that they were looking for instructors and one of their clients, who had also worked with me, highlighted the tweet to me! No better reference than a happy client, eh?!

Blog, Blog, Blog

If you have a website then you should consider including a blog. Even if you only write once per month, all that matters is that you're consistent. Share your experience at the latest training you attended, share your favorite post-workout recipe or a client's story!

Social media and the online world can become time consuming...if you let it. But used wisely and efficiently, its a tool that can open many a door.


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