Studio Spotlight: Dave Fox's Bassline Fitness, Seattle, WA

Elizabeth Andrews

Having been in the fitness world for over 23 years, most of that time spent in group fitness, I long for the day where classes are packed, beats are thumping and the energy of a Miami nightclub is in the air.

Well helloooo Bassline Fitness! Welcome to the fabulous Northwest! Bassline Fitness is the newest brain child of creator Dave Fox. Dave has been in the business of building innovative gyms with a progressive edge. His gyms span the US, having a home in the likes of San Francisco (Gorilla Sports), LA, Chicago, and most recently in Charleston (Eco Fitness - Blue Turtle Yoga), before deciding to move to the beautiful pacific northwest to be close to extended family.

Opening fitness studios isn't a new concept for Dave. The first thing he thinks about is location. He contacts the local commercial realtors to find out where the 'Lulu-wearing, Whole-Foods-shopping' women are. Dave has found that this particular clientele are the early adopters to his group fitness classes and studios. Dave also drives around with residential agents to obtain more local information. He walks through neighborhoods and areas he is very interested in and then visits that area on different times of the day to see and feel the vibe. Dave notices if the area has 'active' people at those times of days, if people are out and about: shopping, eating lunch, walking around. He also shops the competition. He will take classes, observe, talk to front desk staff, see who has the full classes, really experience what they may be offering and involved in. Dave believes that when he gets the location right, most of the other elements such as staff and customers will fall into place.

Another element to opening a studio in a new city is that your idea needs to be new and fresh. Being in the business for many years, Dave says he sees the same old stuff, over and over. But in his studios, for instance, the build-out is well thought through. Depending on what Dave is trying to create, the space is fine-tuned according to the classes he programs and the vibe he wants to create. From this philosophy, Dave's class Mashup was developed.

Dave's business philosophy is as follows: find a great location, offer a great product and atmosphere, give the clients amazing customer service and blow them away with your price. This mind set is how Dave has created several successful gym/studios. Furthermore, he believes fitness should be fun; while other facilities will claim the same, most often the fitness that is delivered is dull and boring. But fun fitness has always been Dave's thing. He has said, "Anyone can drop down weights and cardio and open a gym or studio, but to run a good group fitness program, well, that's more art than science."

Dave consistently seeks the advice from others. He networks with several studio owners and fitness professionals. If he has questions, he asks and listens. He also advises that before a studio or gym opens, hire a consultant and save some time and money down the road. Outsource your bookkeeping. Hire a lawyer to review and write documents. If you aren't savvy with social media, hire someone who is! Keep your energy and expertise where it is best. Dave leaves us with this quote, "If you're working in your business you're not working on your business!"

Bassline is a 4200 square foot space, housing two very distinct classes, Lean425 and Mashup, their signature class. Lean 425 is designed on Interval Training using Woodway Treadmills, TRX, Ultimate Sandbags, weights, steps and tubing. It hits everything, and I mean everything. It's a mean workout - yet I was in class with an older lady and a pregnant lady, all working it, so it's designed for everyone.

Let me chat about Mashup. It's an experience. Not only can you work between 40 Spinning bikes, 12 non-motorized Woodway Treadmills and 10 Krankcycles, but you are also exposed to one of the most epic sound and visual systems I have ever seen, in a gym or not, period! There are three 83 lb woofers, two 180" screens showcasing the top videos that sync with each song, pouring out of the Doby Digital Surround System, using the Genelec sound system. Now you know where the name Bassline comes from! Phew, that's badass!

Mashup is led by an instructor that cues you to change up your training, either when you want or by their cue. All levels can enjoy this experience... and it's just that, an epic visual, audible, tangible cardiovascular experience to fire up your senses and energy!

Come and experience for yourself when you’re in the Seattle area!


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