Raising the Barre with Tracey Mallett

Alexandra Ellis

My first job out of college was working in Tracey Mallett’s Physical Therapy Clinic as a PT aide. BootyBarre was just in its infancy at the time, but I was there with her as we launched the first instructor training program in January of 2011. Tracey inspired me to pursue a career in fitness. As with any industry, it’s all about who you know and I am so grateful to have been introduced to Tracey when I was just a newbie in the industry.

Tracey graciously took a break from her busy barre fitness company, the BootyBarre, to chat with me about the state of all things Tracey Mallett…

Did you ever imagine barre fitness, and BootyBarre specifically, would take off as they have?

No, I never anticipated that barre fitness would have so much momentum. I was super excited to find a place in the industry that I excelled in, which is fusion fitness incorporating the barre. Finally, what I love the most and what I've been doing since a child came into vogue. BootyBarre is one of the main reasons the industry is buzzing, as it’s a true hybrid of fitness and mind-body exercise that can fit into any place, from Pilates studios to fitness clubs.

You recently had a major health scare. How has this changed your approach to your business?

In November of 2013, I found out that I had a brain tumor, which has since been removed. When you're faced with your biggest fear (which for me, is dying), it puts your life into perspective. Having to take time off from work and seeing my team step up to the plate in a crisis, made me realize how lucky I am to have their support. I am also now assured that BootyBarre can run without me if it ever needed to. This experience made me take a step back so I can see the company as a whole not just in segments. I feel the team has become stronger as we empower each other to make decisions. I love to inspire and encourage people to have faith in what they do and now I try to live a little more in the moment. We need to enjoy our journey and not let it pass by!

Where do you see the company two years from now?

I see the company in more countries and expanding greatly in the UK, as it’s my home country. More continuing education will continue to take barre training, and BootyBarre, to the next level. We are also looking forward to more support for our current instructors with our new membership program. Most of all, I see our team of instructors growing and inspiring new instructors worldwide.

What is your favorite BootyBarre move and why?

I love any exercise in Side Line and Squats Facing The Barre…hard to choose! The Side Line block works deep in the glute medius, and obliques, as you must stabilize your shoulder girdle while on the barre. Squats on a fixed barre focuses on the posterior chain of the hamstrings and glutes, which are so under utilized by our extremely tight quads.

What words of wisdom can you give for fitness professionals trying to make in the business?

Be patient, which I know is hard as this has been my downfall. I have learned and experienced that all good things do come in time if you are tenacious, stick to your morals, and support your fellow peers. We all climb together in the industry, but not necessarily at the same time. Find a niche that you excel in, capture that market, and then you can venture out in other directions.

Who is your fitness inspiration and why?

My fitness inspiration has always been Petra Kolber. She was my idol growing up in the UK and I remember watching her Reebok videos and wanting to be just like her. I loved how easy she made it look, plus her flow and cueing is top class - she is truly the master of group exercise fitness.

Find more about the BootyBarre through their website, www.thebootybarre.com.


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