Motivational Mondays: Fall for Yourself First

Lashaun Dale

I get crazy inspired this time of year, enjoying the dog days of summer while also looking forward to the arrival of fall.  Each new season, whether or not the weather changes, invites a fresh change of thought. Fall especially brings a sense of impending change, letting go of the past and eagerness to bring forward a new perspective on the future.

As I'm getting ready and preparing for Fall - constructing teaching schedules, practicing new programs, organizing special events, training new instructors, planning client workouts and managing life in general - I'd like to remind you to put yourself first this month. Block time for you and for all the things that matter to you. 

He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe. ~ Marcus Aurelius

Below are a few excellent tips that, when followed, will allow you to ‘Fall into Fall’ with both style and grace, as well as a bounty of well-protected boundaries to meet all the demands of a busy fitness professional.

1) Set Your Days Off Now

You have to recreate to regenerate.  It matters on every level, physical, mental and emotional. Plan your off hours, day of the week and a few long weekends for a staycation and/or a vacation.

2) Define your Learning Goals

Challenge is an integral aspect of high performance.  Fall is a perfect season for learning.  What skill, concept, new discipline will you aspire to master?  Note:  This does not have to be about fitness.  Cross-learning opens our mind to new possibilities and gives us new arenas of rapport with our students.

3) Reset your Rituals

How do you want your day and life to flow this fall? You have to imagine it. Stop and assess what is blocking you from feeling like the Captain of your Soul and Master of Your Fate, and then get to mapping your course.  Plan your meals, book your workouts, write your business plan.  In other words, set your goals and a daily plan to achieve them.  Remember that this is your life to live.  When you live it and live it well, your students feel inspired and empowered to do the same.

All the best,


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