Fitness Feature: FitCamp Puerto Rico with Lawrence Biscontini

Isabelle Kroeh

FitCamp is three and a half days of intensive training with the one and only Lawrence Biscontini. I already had the opportunity of meeting Lawrence at canfitpro in Toronto in 2010. Soon after this first encounter, Lawrence became one of my mentors, in fitness and in life, which has brought my career to a new level.

At FitCamp, Lawrence gives you what you need, depending on where you are in your fitness career, as an instructor or as a presenter. The entire training is spent both indoors and outdoors on his beautiful property in Puerto Rico. The training felt like a retreat where you can perfect your skills while enjoying the weather, the beautiful scenery, and the amazing people that surround you. In my case, these were Bernadette C. O'Brien, and Monica Barajas.


Setting the stage

In the morning, Lawrence was up before us all, and had the song Good Morning, from Mary Poppins play, all the while getting coffee and breakfast ready. Throughout the week, I discovered he was not only an outstanding coach and presenter, but also a wonderful cook, preparing delicious recipes. I'm not a food guru, but he made me want to cook, which is very surprising for anyone who knows me.

Raising the bar

Lawrence invites us to rise above and beyond, by helping us become flawless at what we do best: moving, motivating, and inspiring others. Most importantly, he leads by example.

I’ve always loved quotes, and Lawrence and I have this in common. Here is a quote that will always have a special place in my heart:

If you change the way you see things, the things you see will change.

A few of my favorite moments. Needless to say, there were many!

1. Working in front of the camera is something I love. I get better every time!


2. Walking down the beach, all the while reflecting on the days we spent together, and on what makes an instructor a success.


3. Social media talk with a glass of white Sangria

4. Hot chocolate under the stars. It was a simple way of connecting with the two amazing people I had the chance to meet over the course of the week.

Great people, great lessons, and wonderful times.

For me, FitCamp 2013 was an experience to remember. It is a life lesson that sticks with me every single day.

To learn more about Lawrence, or to learn more about FitCamp, please go to Lawrence’s website

Will I see you at my next FitCamp?


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