Correspondent Feature: Elle Linton, London, England

Danielle Linton

Name: Elle Linton                                                     

Location: London

Primary teaching location (ie: Club Name): Good Vibes Studios

Class Formats You Teach: Power Plates, Nike Training Club, Circuits, Functional Training, Supple Strength

Total number of years teaching: 6 years

What is your earliest fitness memory? ...the fact that I was the least active of all my friends in University! My housemate and I would always debate whether we should do as I felt and take the car, or do as she felt and walk!

Who is your fitness inspiration, and why? I get inspiration from all the people I teach and their individual stories! Seeing the effort they put in and the progress they make towards their goals is my inspiration.

What do you consider to be your biggest accomplishment so far? A year after starting my blog with the aim to inspire, motivate and empower those around me, I brought that to life with an event including a Supple Strength class which embodied all the goals of my blog. I managed to secure everything from the venue to refereshments free of charge allowing me to offer the event free of charge to attendees. I was grateful to be supported by some fantastic brands including Zico Coconut Water, Yurbuds and lululemon athletica.

If you could go back in time to your first year of teaching and give yourself advice, what would you say? ...enjoy the moment! Don’t spend time worrying about the classes...just be prepared, go, and enjoy doing what you love.

What’s your go-to motivational cue? I have a few including; “you get out what you put in” ...”challenge promotes change”

What fitness goals would you like to pursue? In 2014, I would like to continue to work on my 10km PB; maybe to bring it in under 55 minutes. I would also like to enter a few cycling events including a duathlon. I’ve been on a quest to increase my flexibility too and would like to be able to execute the splits. Finally, I would like to start the journey of teacher training for yoga in 2014.

What legacy would you like to leave on this industry? I would like for each of my clients to remember the part I played in setting them on the right path to their journey. In the industry, I would like to be seen as a leader; as someone who connects great people with great fitness products...someone who can identify talent and help that individual to reach their full potential!


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