The 90s meets 2018

Helen Carpenter-Waters

One of the wonderful things about being a freestyle choreographer, presenter and independent instructor is that I have the opportunity to experience and be influenced by so many different musical and choreographic trends, most of which go full circle and come back again. Of course, I could revisit them exactly as they were (the first or even second time round!), but more often I choose to inject newer/current influences, giving them a fresher, more ‘on-trend’ feel, while keeping the spirit of the original alive.

The current trend for 90s’-style Drum ‘n’ Bass with fast, up-tempo music provides freestyle, dance fitness instructors with music and movements that are perfect for energetic, high-intensity and exciting dance-inspired choreography.

Here is a routine set to Trouble by Sub Focus and Rudimental with blocks of choreography that fit exactly with the structure of the track, i.e., intro, chorus, verse, bridges, breaks, etc. The bpm is 172 and goes perfectly to MyGroupFit Energy Rush 3, which I use to instruct the routine and then perform the completed sequence to Trouble. I added blocks over several weeks: for weeks 1, 2 and 3, I repeated blocks C and D in place of blocks F and G; in week 4, I inserted block F; in week 5, I added block G; and in week 6, we perfected it.

The blocks of choreography also work as a classic add-on to whole sequences, which you can build in a 32-count lead right, then 32-count lead left, then add a block of 64-count lead right, 64-count lead left, and so on, extending the length of the sequence before repeating to the other side.





INDEPENDANCE is held four times a year and is suitable for anyone that simply loves to dance. Led by Helen Carpenter-Waters and amazing special guest presenters, participants can enjoy creative dance masterclasses and experience a wide range of styles.



2018 events… with more being added:

  • Sunday 4 February – with guest Antonio Susinni 
  • Sunday 20 May – with guest Dan Little


Most importantly, INDEPENDANCE brings fun and giggles as you learn new ways of moving with like-minded people.  

To book visit

Helen Carpenter-Waters
DYBO Academy

t: 01252 621280


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