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Sit-ups vs core exercises
Tony Lycholat
22/10/2015 Traditional bent-knee sit-ups are often performed against time to access a measurement of core strength, but cynics suggest alternative core stabilisation exercises be used instead. Tony Lycholat wonders what implications this would have. Traditional bent-knee sit-ups have long been recommended as an exercise to develop the abdominal musculature. When performed against time (i.e., how many sit-ups can be performed in a minute) sit-ups are often used to assess “core strength”,1 and standards and norms exist for most population groups2.
The Fitness Word
Tony Lycholat | 12/04/2017
After reading some quite bizarre nutritional claims on a gym noticeboard recently, I found myself smiling and wondering where I’d put the T-shirt I bought from Ben Goldacre’s website. It has a picture of a duck on it, underneath which appears...
The group X factor
Jayne Nicholls | 09/03/2017
She says: “If people demand you teach the ‘next new thing’, they’re not buying into you.” Since the launch of Les Mills (LM), I have heard this phrase so many times: “I have to teach it/the clubs only want LM/the members only want...
Myths and truths about pregnancy nutrition
Linia Patel | 03/02/2017
Pregnant women are bombarded with advice on what to eat and what to avoid. As Linia Patel reports, very often this advice gets lost in not just the plethora of information available, but poorly reported science and plentiful old wives’ tales.
Recognising eating disorders
Loren Byford | 06/01/2017
The prospect of talking to clients about eating disorders may be daunting, but recognising the signs and knowing how to broach the subject could be life changing, says Loren Byford. As a fitness professional, you’re in a good position to notice whether someone...
Sound mind & body
Jayne Nicholls | 09/12/2016
The principles of mindful exercise can be applied to other fitness disciplines beyond mind & body. Jayne Nicholls looks at three key elements of mindful practice that can be incorporated into any programming.
Say what? Helping clients through illness
Jean Holt | 03/11/2016
After a heart attack and knee injury, Jean Holt retrained as an exercise referral instructor to help others combat their health issues. When my children were small, I left hospital nursing for a job with more family-friendly hours as a practice nurse in a GP surgery....
The Business of Being an Instructor
Ilyse Baker | 04/10/2016
It is easy to think that being an Instructor is a piece of cake and anyone can do it. However, think again! This is a business like any other profession. There are a lot of important elements needed to run a successful business as an Instructor.
Heart rate training and the science behind its success
Bob Kaleal | 25/08/2016
Let's begin by looking at heart rate (HR) training and the science behind it from a healthy individual’s or athlete's perspective. When we are working with a healthy, competitive adult, such as an amateur or professional athlete, it is critical to monitor their HR...
Understanding insulin
Linia Patel | 19/08/2016
Insulin is one of the most important hormones in the human body, yet it’s a hormone most people don’t really understand. Registered dietitian Linia Patel gives her perspective and advice. Insulin is produced in the pancreas by the islets of Langerhans and...
Nine models to build a profitable fitness business
Sean Greeley | 11/08/2016
Today there are literally thousands of different ways that successful fitness professionals and business owners are serving their clients and growing businesses. Sean Greeley delineates the differences between business models and how you can match the right business model...


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