5 Reasons to Attend the IDEA World Fitness Convention

Isabelle Kroeh

For 30 years, the IDEA World Fitness Convention has set the standard for the fitness industry by providing the world’s best fitness education, programs, trends and research. IDEA reaches thousands of personal trainers, group fitness and mind-body instructors. Here is what I loved about this amazing fitness conference in downtown LA.

5 Reasons To Attend IDEA

1.  Being in a different city: Being in a different city makes the whole experience exciting for many reasons: you’re in a beautiful hotel room (the Marriott!), you’re with colleagues that love the same thing you do, and you’re getting inspired all around by amazing and talented people.

2.  Meeting fitness professionals and presenters: Watching and admiring presenters that go up on stage and give it their all is priceless. They share their passions and their knowledge, and simply shine on stage. They give us the motivation we so badly need to continue doing what we do with so much passion! And they make us dream about some day, too, getting up on stage in front of our peers to givesomething back. 

3. Bonding with fitness peeps: Whether it is in a workshop where you connect with someone or at the nearest coffee shop standing in line amongst fitness peeps all dressed in Lululemon apparel, anywhere you go you are surrounded with this amazing energy of people that love what they do. It’s mindblowing!

5 Reasons To Attend IDEA 

4. Having to choose between so many great sessions. Spending the entire day learning and sweating is so much fun! Multiply that by 3 because the conference takes place over 3 days (even longer if you register for pre or post workshops)! Fitness conferences are like a daycamp or a Club Med. You just can’t get enough of that!

5. The inspiration you take home: Coming home from IDEA, I went through my notes, and remembered all the great moments of bonding I had with the people I met and spent time with at this event. Moments like sharing wine in the room with my hotel roomies, a quick chat with Yoav Avivar after his last step session, downtime with the amazing duo Lashaun Dale and Lisa Wheeler, hors-d’oeuvres with Lawrence Biscontini at the Happy Hour for international attendees, bowling with Patrick Goudeau and Jay Blahnik, and many, many more.

Needless to say, I miss it already ! I’m looking forward to IDEA’s next event coming up later this fall. Will you be attending any conferences anytime soon ? Tell us which ones!


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