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Manipulating Your Voice for Results
Raphael Konforti | 28/02/2017

Participants enter your class. Their first impression may be what they see, but what they first hear is the most important. While body language plays a huge role in motivating participants, it’s your voice that does the work. You’re conveying what’s expected of them and the level at which you expect them to perform. The... read more

Thinking Outside the Barre by Caroline Fleming
Caroline Fleming | 21/02/2017

Barre workouts are here to stay. Participants rave about high-energy (but still low-impact!) classes that tone the lower body like no other. And let’s be honest, who isn’t excited about the chance to get away with wearing legwarmers and a tutu again? Other than a great attitude, the only essential piece of equipment is... read more

How deep is your love?
Gillian Reeves | 14/02/2017

What does love mean to you? Do you think of another person, a feeling, a deep sense of self-worth, or maybe your job? As fitness professionals, we are fortunate to work in an industry that places the focus of supporting others at its heart. We get to encourage, coach and motivate people to reach their highest potential, their ultimate reality,... read more

Defining the Master Barre Instructor
Elizabeth Vino | 07/02/2017

Defining the Master Barre-tender Who is the true authority on Barre, and why does it matter? If you Google ‘Master Barre Instructor’ you’ll get varied results, but nothing official or credible. If you search for ‘Master Barre Instructor’ in Wikipedia,... read more

Building a Following by Gloria Keyloun
Gloria Keyloun | 31/01/2017

Building a Following by Gloria Keyloun How do you build a following? Turning first-timers and occasional participants into regulars, plus trying to figure out what works best can be really challenging. Marketing and promotion can affect everything - like building a small group of participants into a huge following overnight. With... read more

Ambassador spotlight: Louise Gibson
Louise Gibson | 24/01/2017

What got you into group X? I am an ex-professional dancer and teaching group X was a logical progression. I love performing and being up there in front of an audience, and I also love moving to music – the perfect combination. Why do you love group X? I love teaching group X as I feel passionate about helping participants to... read more

Take cover!
Rachel Fortnum | 17/01/2017

Ouch! Sticks and stones may break your bones and, in reality, words can really hurt you! Travel back seven years in time with me. You know the drill, that buzz from your bedside table that startles you awake. Your bleary eyes focusing on that dreaded text message: ‘Please cover my class today/this morning/actually... read more

The curse of the cover teacher
Lynn Wilson | 10/01/2017

‘Today, you have a supply teacher.’ In school, that one sentence was enough to drive the whole class into a frenzy. What could we do to that teacher? How much trouble could we cause? Could we make them cry? Even at such a young age, the majority of us had the pre-conceived idea that a cover teacher was somehow... read more

Are your group X classes inclusive?
Louise Gibson | 04/01/2017

As well as being a group X instructor, I am also a primary school teacher, am in the process of studying for my master’s degree in special educational needs, and have just completed my post-graduate certificate in special educational needs co-ordination. My studies have therefore made me think more about applying what I have learned to my group... read more

How to quit weekend overeating
Krista Scott-Dixon | 01/12/2016

Krista Scott-Dixon provides five strategies to help you ditch the bingeing. In my world, weekend overeating was ‘just what people did’. But when I let go of weekday food rules, the cycle broke. I dropped the guilt, improved my health, and lost weight. Here’s how you can do it, too, whether... read more



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