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Why aren’t men doing yoga?
Matt Miller | 17/08/2017

Former American football star and Broga founder Matt Miller shares his tips on getting more men to attend your yoga classes. Take a breath and listen up. You are an amazing yoga teacher. Students... read more

How to train complex clients – programming for abdominal separation and more
Tara Whitbread | 02/08/2017

How do you plan a programme for a client with diastasis recti, pre-osteoporosis and hypermobility? Every client is different and brings new challenges. And every session with a client needs to be structured to... read more

Yoga vs HIIT
Rachael Watson | 27/07/2017

I recently posted an article on my Facebook page about how yoga can be better for you than HIIT training, and was amazed at the huge response that was provoked. Some of my Facebook pals were totally in agreement, while others were strongly opposed to the idea and were openly annoyed by the post. read more

Food diary under the microscope
Georgina Spenceley | 19/07/2017

Food diary under the microscope Georgina Spenceley is a full-time business analyst, part-time sports therapist and fitness writer who enjoys CrossFit and triathlon training. She’s had concerns about potential gluten intolerance,... read more

Have you got an exit strategy?
Lynn Wilson | 11/07/2017

I’d always loved attending group exercise classes at the gym, and even though I already had a full-time job and a great career in retail, I thought I would take my Exercise to Music qualification. My plan … if I could teach one Legs, Bums and Tums class on a Sunday morning as something extra, then that would be fab. I... read more

Yoga and meditation: A simple practice
Joanne Avison | 04/07/2017

Director of the Art of Contemporary Yoga Teacher Training School (AOCY) Joanne Avison exclusively shares with FitPro key positions to help fitness professionals involve their clients in meditative moments. For a full article on yoga and meditation, download the FitPro app... read more

There’s more to life than a pert backside
Aislinn Kelly | 23/06/2017

 Fitpro magazine’s deputy editor Aislinn Kelly enthuses about the fitness industry’s shifting focus from pert bottoms and washboard stomachs to successfully using exercise as therapy.   More... read more

Is there more to aqua fitness than meets the eye?
Steph Toogood | 13/06/2017

Aqua fitness is often thought of as a class reserved for older populations and those recovering from injury; however, this is not the case at all. Steph Toogood joins Fitpro to explain why, in her opinion, all fitness professionals could be using aspects of aqua fitness. In my experience, water... read more

Seven ways to support your clients
Kylie Ryan | 07/06/2017

By making a few simple changes to how you work with weight-loss clients, Kylie Ryan ensures you aren’t unwittingly party to the body shaming that these clients are often subjected. Body shaming has been all over the news in the past year, from pregnant Studio 10 presenter Sarah Harris telling her... read more

Ego – mine’s bigger than yours!
Dan Duran | 05/06/2017

 Yes, that’s what I said. My ego is bigger than yours. Do I have your attention? How about I go into more detail and then give you five key ways to make the right first impression? Making the right first impression is key for any fitness... read more



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