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Dr Paul Batman shares two pieces of research surrounding sedentary behaviour in older adults.
Dr Paul Batman | 05/12/2017

Fitpro welcomes Dr Paul Batman to the editorial team.   Dr Batman originally contributed to our PT Network magazine in the 1990s. You can look forward to reading two pieces of research in each issue of the magazine.   Title:... read more

FitPro delivers successful Gray Institute workshop 25.09.2017
Gary Gray | 24/10/2017

FitPro delivers successful Gray Institute workshop 25.09.2017   In September, FitPro and ViPR™ hosted the Chain Reaction® read more

Training provider insight: HFE
Lee Cain | 10/10/2017

What style of training courses are proving most popular? We spoke to the managing director of training provider Health and Fitness Education (HFE) to find out what he thinks the current demand is. FitPro: How do you ensure that instructors transitioning from pre-choreography to freestyle teaching have the right skills in order for... read more

The post-truth fitness industry?
Tony Lycholat | 27/09/2017

In 2016, the Oxford English Dictionary’s (OED) word of the year was ‘post-truth’. If you cast your mind back several months, you’ll perhaps remember seeing it frequently, usually in newspaper articles about Donald Trump or Brexit.    The OED defines... read more

Why are we not talking to our participants?
Holly Lynch | 12/09/2017

Showcasing vs coaching in group exercise classes. “How come you use your microphone in some classes but not in others, Holly?” I was asked this question last week after instructing one of my many group exercise sessions. “Some programmes are designed to be music led whereas others are... read more

Walking: the best exercise of all?
Joanna Hall | 29/08/2017

Walking can be used either as part of an active lifestyle, or to help almost anyone achieve their fitness goals. Here, Fitpro investigates how and why it could be time to incorporate walking into your fitness regime.   If you wanted to find one thoroughly researched... read more

Why aren’t men doing yoga?
Matt Miller | 17/08/2017

Former American football star and Broga founder Matt Miller shares his tips on getting more men to attend your yoga classes. Take a breath and listen up. You are an amazing yoga teacher. Students... read more

How to train complex clients – programming for abdominal separation and more
Tara Whitbread | 02/08/2017

How do you plan a programme for a client with diastasis recti, pre-osteoporosis and hypermobility? Every client is different and brings new challenges. And every session with a client needs to be structured to... read more

Yoga vs HIIT
Rachael Watson | 27/07/2017

I recently posted an article on my Facebook page about how yoga can be better for you than HIIT training, and was amazed at the huge response that was provoked. Some of my Facebook pals were totally in agreement, while others were strongly opposed to the idea and were openly annoyed by the post. read more

Food diary under the microscope
Georgina Spenceley | 19/07/2017

Food diary under the microscope Georgina Spenceley is a full-time business analyst, part-time sports therapist and fitness writer who enjoys CrossFit and triathlon training. She’s had concerns about potential gluten intolerance,... read more



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