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Three secrets to becoming a star instructor
Samantha Clayton | 19/04/2017

Have you ever wondered what it is that makes some instructors more dynamic and engaging than others? Or maybe you are wondering if there are any set secrets or a formula to achieving ultimate success as an instructor. Today I want to share with you some of the key factors that I believe can help any level of instructor to become a master... read more

Ambassador spotlight
Ally Foreman | 11/04/2017

What got you into group X? I trained as a performer, and so when I began my fitness career, I just knew I wanted to teach classes and work in the gym. After starting my first gym instructor job, I used to watch the classes and envy the instructors the fun they were having. I couldn't wait to do... read more

Variety is the spice of life
Teresa Wheatley | 05/04/2017

Whenever I hear the expression ‘variety is the spice of life’, I can’t help but think of the Spice Girls lyrics ‘spice up your life’. I am actually a massive fan. Not of the Spice Girls, but of variety. Variety, by definition, is the characteristic of often changing... read more

Tips to Stay in the Game
Vanessa Vassallo | 29/03/2017

As a fitness professional, will you start this new year with a bang or a squeak? Do you think to yourself, this year I will make a difference no matter how great or small, or do you think another year of the same? Here are some tips of how to stay in the game and never lose sight of why you started in the first place: 1.... read more

Secrets to a Good Aquatic Program
Stephanie Thielen | 21/03/2017

Over the years as a continuing education provider I have traveled to many facilities presenting aquatic educational workshops. And as a former aquatic director I tend to, from the moment I step onto the pool deck, analyze everything from the pool schedule, to lifeguard placement, to equipment storage or lack thereof. From the oldest... read more

Free fitness with a difference
Olivia hubbard | 14/03/2017

We couldn’t ignore the flurry of free fitness initiatives that are helping to get more people active across the country. Olivia Hubbard experienced two London offerings that each place community spirit at the heart of what they do. It’s common knowledge that Londoners are a unique species.... read more

10 years on …
Zoe McNulty | 07/03/2017

What a difference a decade makes! The other day, I posted a photo on Facebook of me on my 30th birthday and I compared it against one from a couple of weeks ago, as I approach my 40th. I shared them in the same post to show that not much has changed for me physically or facially. I promise... read more

Manipulating Your Voice for Results
Raphael Konforti | 28/02/2017

Participants enter your class. Their first impression may be what they see, but what they first hear is the most important. While body language plays a huge role in motivating participants, it’s your voice that does the work. You’re conveying what’s expected of them and the level at which you expect them to perform. The... read more

Thinking Outside the Barre by Caroline Fleming
Caroline Fleming | 21/02/2017

Barre workouts are here to stay. Participants rave about high-energy (but still low-impact!) classes that tone the lower body like no other. And let’s be honest, who isn’t excited about the chance to get away with wearing legwarmers and a tutu again? Other than a great attitude, the only essential piece of equipment is... read more

How deep is your love?
Gillian Reeves | 14/02/2017

What does love mean to you? Do you think of another person, a feeling, a deep sense of self-worth, or maybe your job? As fitness professionals, we are fortunate to work in an industry that places the focus of supporting others at its heart. We get to encourage, coach and motivate people to reach their highest potential, their ultimate reality,... read more



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